• Workflow from Quote to Finalized Product


1)What advantages can you offer?

Tooling prices anywhere in China are somewhat two-tiered.prices for domestic customers who are familiar with the local cost structure and have the advantage of easily seeking multiple quotes are usually lower,with a generally higher level of pricing quoted to foreign customers.

Our mold quotations are consistent with what is in-line and reasonable for the domestic market here(unlike the large tooling exporters).

We can provide you with continual communications with native English speaking mold professionals by phone,E-mail and Shype,and can set up real time online CAD collaboration.This makes coordination with engineering on both sides seamless in the event of changes,modifications,questions and problems.
We are a well experienced,quality oriented mold manufacturer with a demonstrated record of achieving high customer satisfaction levels,and each project receives our highest level of packing and double confirmation of complete shipping information.

2)What are your tooling and molding capabilities?

We can build single cavity short-run and prototype tooling all the way through to multi-cavity, high production class tools with hot runners.
We’re well experienced with complex, contoured parting lines, over-molding, stack, rotary, die-cast and connector type molds, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic actions, and unscrewing systems.

We’re experienced with a broad range of thermoplastic materials and can run production on your mold, providing assembly, silk screening, painting, plating, sonic welding and other secondary operations as well as packaging.

3)Does Changlin have its own mold factory, and how long have you been in business?

Yes, we have our own well equipped manufacturing facility employing state-of-art machines and processes located in the BaoAn district of Shenzhen, and we’ve been legally licensed to do business here for over 10 years.

We are also legally registered in Hong Kong and maintain an office there for financial transaction and marketing purposes.

4)How can I have a mold quoted by you?

Send us your tooling or part CAD file as an E-mail attachment along with your design requirements,or we’ll send you FTP information allowing for upload to our secure server.

We use SSL incryption for E-mail and confidentiality is assured.

5)What are your financing terms?

Normally we require a 50% down payment with remainder due upon approval of tryout samples and before final delivery of tool.Funds can be wired to our Hong Kong business office account.

6)Will the mold design be submitted to me for review and approval before tool construction begins?

Absolutely.We’ll design the tool within the parameters you specify or use your design,and you’ll be able to approve and change our design to your satisfaction before work commences.

7)Can you provide references?

We will be happy to provide a long list of excellent references upon request.

In China there are literally many hundreds of mold making companies that start-up each year,with a near qual number of closures.In this extremely competitive environment an operation can only stay in business for as long sa we have through establishing and maintaining an excellent reputation,and most of our work is form repeat customers.

8)Will I be able to visit you in China?

We’ll welcome you at any time and pick you up at Lo Wu border crossing or ShenZhen airport to give you a tour of our shop.

9)How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Sea shipping charges are included in the quote unless you want mold production done here.Sea shipping is not expensive, approximately USD$170 for a 30″*30″*30″ steel mold base,and will require about three weeks to reach the USA or European west coast from Shenzhen’s port.

Air shipping of the same mold will run about USD$700 and take 2days.You an also have the mold sent directly to your door at extra expense.