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Injection MachineInjection machine tonnage from 60T to 250T.

AutoControlRobort arm:automatic off shot

Skilled StaffAutomatic control system.
Skilled staff.

We do have dryer who can control the materials’ moisture proportion.

Mold Temperature Controller Oil
Mold temperature controller (with oil heating)Mold Temperature Controller Cold Water
Mold temperature controller (with water cold)
We can mold ABS/PP/PC/PMMA/PA/PBT/POM/PEI/PPS/PEEK materials and so on.
Equipments List of ChangLin Molding Department
No. Description Specification Origin QTY
1 Injection Machine 60T HaiTian China 2
2 Injection Machine 90T HaiTian China 4
3 Injection Machine 120T HaiTian China 7
4 Injection Machine 160T HaiTian China 4
5 Injection Machine 250T HaiTian China 1
6 Vertical Injection Machine 50T HaiTian China 1
7 Ultrasonic Weld Machine 1
8 Robot Hands 15
9 Total 35